Frenectomies in Las Vegas

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Frenectomy Evaluation & Treatment

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Frenectomies in Las Vegas

A frenectomy is a common procedure to treat lip-ties and tongue-ties. It involves trimming or removing the frenum (connective tissue) from under the gums or the tongue.

Frenectomies are necessary to help children eat and speak properly. They also improve the tongue’s range of motion and help your child’s teeth and jaw develop correctly.

Your doctor may recommend a frenectomy if your baby is having trouble nursing or feeding.

How do we do it?

  • We use dental sedation or local anesthesia to make your child comfortable
  • We use a dental laser to reduce or remove connective tissue from under the tongue or the gums
  • The laser provides a silent and stress-free environment for your child
  • We make sure the tissue remains separated to prevent reattachment
  • We provide you with post-op instructions to keep your child comfortable

Benefits of Frenectomies

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Assist Nursing

A frenectomy will improve your child’s ability to nurse and feed.

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Improve Speech

Frenectomies help your child avoid speech problems in the future.

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Prevent Misalignment

Frenectomies improve the resting tongue position, which will lead to better tooth alignment and proper jaw growth.

FAQ about Frenectomies

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