Children’s Pulpotomies in Las Vegas

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Pulpotomies for Kids

Emergency procedure to save your child’s natural teeth.

Children’s Pulpotomies in Las Vegas

Sometimes tooth decay is so severe that it causes an infection that reaches the pulp of the tooth. Left untreated, this can lead to excruciating pain for your child as well as early tooth loss.

In other cases, your child may fall and crack a tooth, leading to infection. This, too, can eventually reach the pulp, which is full of nerves.

A pulpotomy is a procedure that will save your child’s tooth after infection reaches the pulp. It removes the decay, cleans, disinfects, and seals the inside of the tooth. This stops the decay from spreading and prevents your child from prematurely losing teeth.

How do we do it?

  • We use laughing gas or local anesthesia to make your child comfortable
  • We remove the infected and damaged pulp from the tooth
  • We apply a special medication to prevent additional infection
  • We protect the tooth with a filling or crown as it will be weakened
  • We provide you with post-op instructions to keep your child comfortable

Benefits of Pulpotomies

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Relieve Pain

A pulpotomy will stop pain, inflammation, and infection.

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Preserve the Natural Tooth

It protects your child’s natural tooth until it falls out on its own.

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Less Intrusive

Pulpotomies are less invasive than traditional root canals which kill the tooth nerves and stop development.

FAQ about Pulpotomies

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Dr. Mason our Children's Dentists in Las Vegas
Dr. Jeffrey Mason

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  • Dr. Mason is from Utah but found his calling in dentistry during his time studying at UNLV’s School of Dental Medicine in Las Vegas.

  • As a devoted father of five, Dr. Mason's firsthand experience with parenting fuels his nurturing approach to pediatric dentistry, fostering a warm and supportive environment for young patients and their families.

  • Beyond the office, Dr. Mason has a passion for outdoor activities. He's often found enjoying wakeboarding, hiking, or playing a game of pickleball when he's not in the office.

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