Children’s Dental Check-Ups and Cleanings in Las Vegas

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Dental Visits Made for Kids

Routine visits set your child off on the right foot.

children’s dental check-ups and cleanings

Your child’s healthy smile is priceless, and we are committed to protecting it from a young age, starting with dental check-ups and cleanings.

We believe it’s best to prevent any problems we can. Visiting our kids’ dentist every six months will allow us to teach your child good oral hygiene habits and keep their teeth and gums free of plaque, tartar, and bacteria.

Go Kids Dental & Orthodontics North Decatur creates a child-friendly atmosphere and fun visits to keep your child comfortable while they learn habits that will last them a lifetime.

How do we do it?

  • We examine the health of your child’s mouth, teeth, and gums
  • We use special instruments to remove hardened plaque and tartar
  • We polish their teeth and remove stains and discoloration
  • We floss between the teeth and apply fluoride
  • We offer suggestions to improve your child’s at-home routine

Our dental check-up and cleaning will evaluate the health of your child’s teeth and gums, thoroughly clean them, and educate them on at-home care.

Benefits of Dental Check-Ups and Cleanings

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Build Good

We team up with kids and their parents to teach healthy brushing, flossing, and other habits that last a lifetime.

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Prevent Dental Problems

We can remove the plaque and tartar that your child can’t reach, which reduces the risk of cavities and other issues.

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Establish Positive Experiences

We work exclusively with kids and create comfortable visits to reduce the likelihood of dental anxiety in the future.

FAQ about Dental Check-Ups and Cleanings

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Meet Our Children’s Dentists

Dedicated to creating a caring environment.

Dr. Mason our Children's Dentists in Las Vegas
Dr. Jeffrey Mason

Kids Dentist.

  • Dr. Mason is from Utah but found his calling in dentistry during his time studying at UNLV’s School of Dental Medicine in Las Vegas.

  • As a devoted father of five, Dr. Mason's firsthand experience with parenting fuels his nurturing approach to pediatric dentistry, fostering a warm and supportive environment for young patients and their families.

  • Beyond the office, Dr. Mason has a passion for outdoor activities. He's often found enjoying wakeboarding, hiking, or playing a game of pickleball when he's not in the office.

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Current Offers

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Includes comprehensive exam, X-rays, and cleaning.

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Includes comprehensive evaluation with digital 3D scan.

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